Director’s Note

If Past is Imperfect


Pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree demands discipline, perseverance, and passion. 

The inspiring thesis exhibition, yet traces linger, curated by Sarah Cho embodies the transformative journey each student has undertaken during their time at Parsons — a journey marked by deep dives into critical inquiries, exploration of new perspectives and entries into the unknown. It reflects each artist’s dedication to shaping our cultural landscape and fostering new dialogues by entwining the past, present and future.

It has been a privilege to witness the artistic evolution over these past years and to learn alongside these 22 artists. Strangers became friends, studio mates, copy editors, critics and confidants. Through the turbulence of canceled classes and civic actions, I continue to be impressed by how each of these students held fast to their integrity and commitment to one another and to their practice. They’ve embraced the diversity of voices and perspectives within our community with grace and humility, recognizing that true strength lies in their ability to support, uplift and hold one another accountable. Standing on the threshold of their departure from the MFA Fine Arts program, I’m struck by the profound impact their radical creativity and unwavering commitment to critical civic engagement have had on our community.  


As these artists prepare for the next phase of their artistic lives, we urge them to carry forward the spirit of camaraderie and support that has defined our community.

Class of 2024, the world may not be ready for what you have to say, but it needs to hear it now more than ever. If the past is imperfect, let the future  be yours –  a bold proclamation of the world as it should be, a world of equity, empathy, and new possibilities.


H Lan Thao Lam

Director, MFA Fine Arts