Beki Song

Artist Statement

I create art that captivates my mind. Captivating my mind in art means capturing the various emotions I can feel as a human in a single moment. I believe that experiencing such complex emotions is an advantage unique to humans. Through my work, I express the complex inner world of humans in a multifaceted way. 


Just as the human mind is not simplistic but multidimensional, my art also requires various layers. I first express thoughts, curiosities, and emotions stemming from my past and present experiences on canvas with paint. I then cut and sew the painting to reshape it into a new form, feeling a wave of intense emotions in the process. The resulting forms are both friendly (kitschy) and repulsive, as they represent the entities that embody the privilege of human expression. I breathe life into them, beings with human aspects, who, like humans, desire their own world. I create a world solely for these beings, as they have enabled me to experience and express a spectrum of emotions. 


Artist Bio

Beki Song is a Korean artist currently residing in New York, NY. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Parsons the New School for Design. In 2022, Song had her debut solo show in Seoul and has participated in group exhibitions since 2020. Song’s work involves painting on canvas which she then cuts and reshapes to create new forms, as well as spaces for those forms. Her pieces are pop art-inspired and kitschy, yet simultaneously carry a sense of disturbance.