Eva Melin Gompper

Lunule (excerpt), 2021 Stop motion animation Running time 6:05, clip 1:45

Lunule awakes in the morning to find herself in a world like ours. At the culmination of her journey home, she reaches the machine to send her there, only to find it incapable of doing so.

Chapter One (working title), 2022 Stop motion animation Running time 1:05

Asli lies mourning the destructive loss of her city as the sole survivor before she travels to warn the next city over of their fate.

Artist Statement

Once upon a time the world was almost gone, and the sky was diseased and the sand was in your lungs and you were on the only rock in space. And then your city burnt down from the air being so dry and easy to light on fire. And all your friends died, and your counsel escaped to the Sponge with the exploits. So you went to the last city over to ask for help, and to warn them about how the world was almost gone, but they didn’t believe you. And the queen there mocked you but you could tell she was being lied to, and you could tell she would be you in a few weeks or days or hours without anything left. So you offered a hand and she shoved you, so you left everyone to die, because you are only one person, and the fire of a ruined climate is ravenous, and you are only one person! You’re only one person, how could you save them? And the world begins it’s going and there’s actually nothing you can do.*

*I am making this tiny world from paper maché and sand and saddle oysters and puppets and music and it is being destroyed, and it is filled with awful little things that are actually very real, believe it or not, and I want it to make people sad, and I want it to make people cry, and this is my favorite thing to do, and I love to reanimate because it’s literally magic!