Gregory Simoncic
Artist Bio

Gregory Simoncic is an Arizonan born artist. He attended Arizona State University where he received a BFA in sculpture in 2015 and went on to Parsons The New School for his MFA in Fine Arts in 2017. He has shown both nationally and internationally as a sculptor.

2017 MFA Fine Art Thesis Walkthrough- Gregory Simoncic from Parsons Art, Media & Technology on Vimeo.

Self-Conscious, 2016, anal bleach, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

Prepared, 2016, : Truvada, Anal Ease lube, potentiometer, mosfet, two 100 resistors, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

Where Is This Going, 2017, leather mask, syringe, cock ring, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

Should I Be Worried, 2017, lube injector, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

When It Came Together, 2016, lipstick, condom, breadboard, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

When It Fell Apart, 2016, nail polish, razor, headphones, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

Is It Working, 2017, two cock rings, two Q-tips, three sexual enhancements, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

Exhausted Now, 2017, butt plug, foundation, two sexual enhancements, toothbrush, honey, plastic, 12"x12"

Get Fit, 2016, single-channel video, 01:27

Artist Statement

      It has finally come. That which you have waited seemingly an eternity for. It’s always smaller than you expected. The sleek form, a brilliant image of utility staring you in the face, making you feel small and anxious. Your fingers and palms caress, giving a firm squeeze yet ever so gently so as to not damage. You can feel the smooth slide, as you slowly pull off the top, extreme focus, a slight tingle in your fingertips. An almost audible ‘pop’ erupts as the sheath that has been protection is finally removed. A blissful smile spreads across your face revealing that object of desire, of status, of power. Your fingers shakily remove your new weapon, as if meeting a new yet promising friend. A touch, that first touch and your eyes are transfixed, a lust, a bond, a marriage, proposed.

      I use objects of intimate and everyday importance to construct an identity by subjecting them to a range of procedures. “Transfixed” is a work where I take objects from my personal life and vacuum seal them into food saver bags, which act as a conduit for both liquid and object to be observed. By removing the objects from circulation and placing them in plastic, the work is a simultaneous, revisiting of the past, and preservation of the present moment. The personal relationships developed with the objects can expose a variety of emotions, from disgust to nostalgia insofar as the objects can relate to the many facets of contemporary human behavior. All of the items come into close contact with the body in that they are either inserted, ingested, worn, or pressed. The rituals are different per individual though the mechanics of preparation remain similar. Insertable mechanics define the way in which these objects interact with our bodies.