Stephy Hsu


1 ft x 24”
Oil Pastel, oil paint


Oil Paint, oil pastel, acrylic, crayons
A dream conversation


Oil paint, acrylic, oil pastel
For you: How to interpret this dream? Is is necessary to interpret?


Watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, rice paper
A current mix feelings with my dreams


Oil paint

The Hidden Secret


Sunset in my dream

Watercolor and ink on rice paper

Screaming mushroom

Acrylic, oil pastel

Artist Statement

I have been exploring surrealism for a while, and I found it motivate me to create my imaginary  world. I’m seeking to present dreams and apply the idea of automatic drawing to this series,  and let go of all the rationality and logic, connecting my inner world to my ego, leading to a  state of mind. It is not about the result but the process of making that create the connection,  and the connection is the key to reflecting and understanding ourselves.  I documented my dreams everyday and analyze the meaning behind the dream. Sometimes my  dreams are two dimensional, sometime are distorted three dimensional landscapes and  images. The analysis of painting is similar to dream analysis. Just like dreams, people will  unconsciously vent their inner unconsciousness in paintings, which make the paintings  introspective, figurative, and full of fantasy. It is a symbolic language that can be refracted. It  reveals a lot of subconscious information, and this kind of orientation is usually challenging to  obtain in conversation. It can show a person’s overall personality, mood, emotions, and even  physical conditions, and painting is easier to capture than dreams. I’m able to illustrate my  dreams and reflected it during the process. For me, it is a way of healing and a way of  expression that could bring myself into a meditative realm. This series will reveals my sensitive  thorns between my family and I, also how my insecurity present in my dreams, no matter it was  a pleasant dream or a nightmare.