Lenore Malen

Part-time Assistant Professor

I am a visual artist, filmmaker, and writer: https://brooklynrail.org/contributor/lenore-malen. My first film Quarry was shot a few months after 9/11 in an upstate NY limestone quarry as a thought experiment in embodied knowledge and deep time. Participants were part of a fictional utopian society that I created—The New Society for Universal Harmony. Ever since I’ve used the lens of history and humor to explore utopian longings and their dystopic aftermaths.

I’ve exhibited and performed at Apex Art, Participant, Inc.,
Slought Foundation, Wave Hill, Art Omi, Tufts University, Wesleyan University, The Mediation Biennale in Poznan, Poland, at Studio 10, NY, and the Uppsala Konstmuseum.
Circe 2019 was filmed in Genoa at the Bogliasco Foundation during my residency there.

In spring 2020 I was award a grant by the Finnish Cultural Institutes for a project Where-from-Here on the subject of virtuality in a pandemic. Since 2014 I’ve screened new films at UCLA’s Art/Sci Center—Digital Research Network, participated in the 2/14 conference “Welcome to the Anthropocene” at Pace University. I’ve shown films at the U of Geneva’s conference approaching Post Humanism and the Post Human. I was award a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and a NYSCA grant in interdisciplinary art in 2009.