On behalf of the Parsons Fine Arts MFA Program, I would like to acknowledge that none of this extraordinary work would be possible without the tireless support from many individuals from across the New School: President Dwight A. McBride, Provost Renée T. White, Parsons Executive Dean Rachel Schreiber, Dean Nadine Bourgeois, AMT School Dean Shana Agid, BFA Program Director Selena Kimball, AMT Manager Hien Dinh, the Making Center staff including Lori Mafucci, Damien Vera and Hashem Eaddy, and the entire AMT operations team. Thank you for all your support and collective wisdom.

A very special shout out to the Fine Arts Program Administrator, Jasmine Graham. Thank you Jasmine! And thank you to Caleb Hall who assisted with our online catalogs and outreach.

My deep gratitude goes to all our part-time faculty colleagues who taught in the MFA program this past year, with such dedication and care: Shane Aslan Selzer, Saya Woolfalk, Kamrooz Aram, Neil Goldberg, Peter Rostovsky, Rania Khalil, Lenore Malen, Ben Thorpe Brown, Sammy Cucher, Sharmistha Ray, Thom Donovan, Jonah Groeneboer, Mira Schor, Sara Jimenez, Yve Laris Cohen, Shoshana Dentz, Phoenix Lindsay Hall, Carrie Yamaoka, and LJ Roberts. I admire you all!

Thank you to all of my extraordinary full time colleagues in Fine Arts, Lan Thao Lam, Lydia Matthews, Andrea Geyer, Rit Premnath, Simone Douglas, and Catherine Telford Keogh. Go team Fine Arts!

And finally, a big thank you to our 2021 Thesis Show curator, Jody Graf, for her vision and grace, which she has brought to bear on an outstanding exhibition –the culmination of a semester-long engagement with our diverse group of students during a challenging time.

A heartfelt thanks to all.

Anthony Aziz, Professor
MFA Fine Arts