Theo Telonis

Artist Bio

Deadwood Demos, Theo Telonis and Sphinx, April 5th 2020

The Deadwood Demos project spawned from Theo Telonis and Sphinx embarking on a musical road of sacrifices on which they produced amateurish sonic fragments through their journey of learning to work with their DAWs, instruments, and each other. This project is deeply important to them as they will never be able to recreate this moment of learning and musical naïveté.

Sphinx was training to be an opera singer at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music before she quit singing. After a four year hiatus, she began singing over Theo’s electronic instrumentals and the duo formed. The strange sonic palette draws from both of their musical history, but culminates in something wholly original. Field recordings, operatic vocals, harsh noise, and heavy sequenced rhythms are smeared over the 20 odd minutes of unrelenting goth tinged electro.

Read into the lyrics on their bandcamp page to dive deeper into Deadwood if you wish.