Vered Snear - Parsons Fine Arts

Israel, 1982

"Crack the window," 2015 Single channel video, 17:40 min, excerpt

In this work, I appropriate user tutorials as a genre in order to investigate the relationship between technology and culture.
With media increasingly becoming more life-like and life increasingly adapting the logic of media, sleek interfaces of operating systems, internet browsers, and websites makes it difficult to stop, identify, and think critically about how these things actually structure and monopolize our experience — despite the misleading empowerment of “user-generated content” or “customizable” options. I am interested in interrupting this seemingly closer getting circuit and seeking not only to deconstruct the formal and instrumental aspects of Internet browsing, but also the identities that are constructed with and within it.

"Trauma / Drama," 2015 installation view

The work appropriates a YouTube monologue uploaded by an Israeli girl, portraying a traumatic experience in light of the recently revealed attack tunnels dug by Palestinians. The work aims to deconstruct her experience as created and re-narrated by the media. The re-performace of her script portrays and reflects the ‘traumatized’, as if there were a traumatic registry within cultural memory to draw from, demasking trauma as part of an ideological formed condition that exceeds the experience of an individual.

"Trauma / Drama," 2015 Single channel video, 6:18 min, excerpt

"Trauma / Drama," 2015 installation view

"The Samsa Tunnel Museum," 2014 Installation view

A fictive museum for a site of trauma that was historicized and commodified.
​The work examines the museum’s role in creating different sensibilities and as an ideological framework.

"The Samsa Tunnel Museum Audio Guide," 2014, Audion, 1:22 min

Artist Statement

My work begins with the need to understand reality by investigating its overt laws and covert codes. I draw from popular media to investigate what constitutes our subjectivity, values, beliefs and desires.
In my practice, I appropriate text and visual languages in order to closely investigate how they operate, reassemble them in order to create layers of thought and meanings. I am particularly interested in studying the conventions that construct representations in popular media and the way ideology is inscribed within. 

Working in video, photography, performance and installation, I use text and visual language from popular media such as YouTube, news broadcasts and TV shows as material. The works I make reference the conventions of the source material in order to diverge from common expectations, exploring its language to create cracks in its narrative.

Recent projects have addressed the ideological frameworks of collective memories as expressed in analogue frameworks such as museums, commemorative monuments, or encyclopedias and in my more recent work dives into digital platforms as a sight of a new generations’ consciousness formation.

Artist Bio

​Vered Snear (b. Israel 1982) is a New York and Tel Aviv based Israeli artist. After studying Photography at Minshar for Art in Israel, gained a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. She is currently a MFA Fine Art candidate at Parsons The New School for Design, New York.

Recent group exhibitions include; Pausing just to keep up, Sawtooth, Tasmania, Australia (2015), The Annual Exhibition of  Photography Graduates, The Open Museum of Photography, Tel-Hai, Israel (2013). In 2016 she will be curating Fracture, Hanina Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel and will participate in group exhibitions; Twelve Gates Arts, Philadelphia and Universum, The International Photography Festival, Jaffa, Israel. ​In 2015 and 2016 she received the Provost Scholarship for Studying at Parsons.