Chase Bindner

Artist Statement

Originally from rural Eagle, Idaho, I now live in the heart of Manhattan. Moving from one place to another, one uses their ultimate ability to adapt. Every movement in a place has the ability to activate it, whether the landscape or the city. I’m interested in how lives build a dense storyline within place; place being the stage we construct for ourselves through architecture, growth, technology, infrastructure, and societal systems. Every character in these systems plays a crucial role, and thus I make portraits of some of these characters. Through analog techniques of image making I magnify physicality and memory, harnesses visual information, and map this, suggesting potentialities of a future in utopia or dystopia. I begin at the sensation, a site of instinctual curiosity. After a performance of wandering I delve entirely into one moment where time is suspended. I cherish the value of travel and how our minds envelop a new or familiar place: its sights, sounds, smells, surfaces, and tastes. As well as painting and drawing from observation, I make figurative paintings in oil and drawings with ink. The body and architecture are my most prevalent subjects. I am a psychogeographer drifting from one place to another, drawing as in walking and in marking, mapping layers of new and old terrain in relationship to the individual. How does experience translate from one place to another; one person to another? How do we settle a new or old place, bringing with us memory and ritual from everywhere else? Within our evolving and technologically driven senses, how can one still get lost and temporarily set free?