Andrew Sapala
Artist Bio

Andrew James Sapala uses his past experiences as a fabricator and set designer to create complex multi-faceted sculpture installations. His work has been featured in Sleepcenter in Chinatown, World Money Gallery in Brooklyn, Holy Apostles Gallery in Chelsea and Studio S1 in Harlem. Sapala lives and works in New York.

Aubrey, 2017, Cardboard, wood, synthetic wigs, steel, ratchet straps, parachute cord, surgical tools

Land of The Giants, 2017, Cardboard, wax, toy pig, Arduino, servos, wood

Ex-Cabinet, 2017, Cardboard, wood, steel, 3D printed materials, acrylic paints

Artist Statement

Born as a triplet, I base my work off childhood experiences with my siblings, mother and surgeon father. This visceral reality is utilized by fabrication methods along with an obsession in natural history, anatomy and science fiction. Tension in the relationships are captured through twisted wooden forms, silicone flesh, bent up metals and skittering robotic controls.