Boya Ye

Artist Statement

Boya works in a range of media including animation, drawing, painting, text and printmaking. She used to work around the characterized figure to build symbols and allegorical fiction, recently expanding the narrative through the human figure and fragmentation. Taking the Pandemic as a backdrop, the most recent stop motion aimation focuses on the reality of errors, delays, and partial muting of messages during the lockdown. The stop-motion animation blends allegorical fantasy and fractured realities of life at the time, both of which reveal the irreconcilability of each other in parallel narratives. In the Lockdown context, individual discourses are deformed in public places and pass illegally without a legal pass. People can hear each other’s words but fail to recognize each other’s voices. The story happens when the language starts to betray. Single frames are produced using monotype printing. Within the same scene, no ink traces are removed from the Plexiglas, and the frame is advanced with added traces and retained traces. Traces that are not supposed to be present carry the meaning of lag, delay, redundancy, and error. 

Artist Bio