Remy Seligman

Untitled (image), 2021

Video projection and sound installation
Running time: Loop

I am documenting the spaces I'm in, as a part of my everyday routine. Being aware of
my surroundings in my studio. Occupying space. Using video projection and sound to
follow movement through a barrier, receiving but not entirely transferred.


Video projection and sound installation
Running time: 08:00

Documentation photo of the happening. Audio recording of my routine of leaving the
apartment, to arriving at the school studio. I am tracking myself, interfering, and
producing a traced soundscape that follows my movement from sound. We remember
directions and create these maps to get us to and from locations which already creates
a network of possible routes.

Untitled (photo documentation), 2022

Sound Installation
Running time: Loop

Close-up photo documentation of an upcoming sound installation happening May 17th,

Artist Statement

I am exploring the gap between my everyday life and my activities as an artist. Through my work I am questioning, how can transmitting an everyday pattern from my life connect with my viewers? We all share routines in our lives. I am interested in how quotidien actions bring us comfort through repetition and also, how changes or interference to these patterns create discomfort. The elements of discomfort evoked refer to an inability to fit in along with a desire to do so. The processes I work with are video, sound, and installation. By tracking myself, monitoring my actions, and transforming them into video and sound installations, my work is a reflection of an artist’s life in flux, it creates a type of choreography and soundtrack to creativity.