Anahita Bagheri

Artist Statement

Anahita Bagheri makes large-scale sculptures using metal, wood, papier-mache, and found objects. She uses these materials in regards to their historical, and societal associations. Her use of papier-maché carries connotations of challenging gender dynamics and reclaiming artistic expression. Papier-mache is a material used historically in Iran and the surrounding region to make artifacts. While men primarily dominated this art form, as an Iranian woman Bagheri makes papier-maché artwork at a large scale. Inspired by the historic Esimi and Khataei motifs, Her sculptures evoke a range of femme bodily forms with their sensual curves and the skin-like character of papier-maché. She reverses the two-dimensional traditions of Eslimi and Khataei into a three-dimensional space. These motifs were used in Persian art on architecture, tiles, Persian miniature painting, craft, and fabric. Bagheri’s work delves into personal and collective traumas, memories, and dichotomies, with a contemporary visual language referencing historic artistic traditions. 


Artist Bio

Anahita Bagheri is an Iranian interdisciplinary artist based in NYC. Solid and malleable materials, papier-mache, sound, video, and words find their way into her practice through sculpture, painting, artist book, multimedia installation, and performance.

She completed her MFA at Parsons School of Design where she was awarded a Full Presidential Scholarship. Bagheri has had exhibitions at biennials, art fairs, and galleries, including; The 2nd Iran Contemporary Art Biennale, Bon-gah Art Book Fair, O Gallery, Etemad Gallery, and Soo Contemporary Gallery in Tehran; Arsenal Contemporary Gallery, Transmitter Gallery, 25 East Gallery, and Woolman Hall in NYC.