Victoria Luzuriaga Bastidas

synthesis: the uncertainty within duality in collaboration with James Dill, 2020

silver gelatin print
14in. X 11in.

el archivo, 2020-present

text, image archive, research project dimensions variable

NLGN1, NLGN2, NLGN3, NLGN4X, RMDN3, VAPB: mapping of memory coding, 2019

paper towel, wax, acrylic paint, nails
36in. X 8in.

an exploration on holding on: memory retrieval, 2019

image transfer on photographic sealer and chemical preservative
36in. X 26in.

the universe is 17 things, 2019

plexi acrylic, ink, string, metal rods
12in. X 8in. X 40in

consolidation and potentiation: what is now tangible, 2019

5 image transfer on packing tape sculptures, metal wire
60in. X 40in. X 10in.

ex nihilo in collaboration with Diana Victoreen, 2018-present

Poems on varied paper, clips, nails dimensions variable

Artist Statement

I take on hyphenation in my own definition: artist-scientist-researcher. Never just one, sometimes all.  I meld together what I study in the lab and what I create in the studio.  Working with topics involving cognition, neuroscience, biology, and psychology, I rethink amorphous and intangible concepts through artistic means. This exercise in rediscovering and further understanding these concepts is also a step into skeptically questioning the basis of the field of science.

Experimentation, chance, research, and material manipulation are all central aspects of my work. I concentrate on the manipulation of analog and non-traditional art materials by using chemical and biological influences to create an alternative form of visualization. Using a research-based approach to build on historical, cultural, and psychological structures around science allows me to create a visual understanding of the questions and issues I explore within my work. The literal and figurative coexist within the crevices of my mutilation and experimentation of materials and mediums that range between photography, sculpture, multimedia 2D works, and installation. Piecing together from a variety of sources and my current research within the laboratory, my work communicates in a language that is weaved throughout my body of work, falling in the in-betweens science and art.