Parsons Fine Arts Fall 2023 Open Studios

Art by Anahita Bagheri

Please join us on Tuesday, December 12th from 6 – 9pm for Parsons Fine Arts Fall 2023 Open Studios! 

25 East 13th Street, Between University Place and 5th Avenue

MFA Graduate Studios, 5th floor

BFA Senior Studios, 4th floor


Parsons Fine Arts is thrilled to open its doors for an in-person, on-campus Fall 2023 MFA and BFA Open Studios! We welcome members of the public and The New School Community on Tuesday, December 12th, 6 – 9 pm at the studios at 25 East 13th Street,  between University Place and Fifth Avenue,  4th & 5th Floor.

MFA Fine Arts Open Studios

The MFA Fine Arts program at Parsons is a rigorous, cross-disciplinary, two-year program supporting a diverse and international group of emerging artists to grow into their full potential as critical contributors to the field. The Open Studios allow visitors to gain insight into vibrant studio processes, artistic research, and innovative experimentation. Work presented reaches across a wide variety of media, concepts and ideas. Artist will be present to engage in informal conversations.

Artists (MFA): Anahita Bagheri, Hannah JH. Bang, Mari Rios Cacua, Lain Chen, H, Andrew Samuel Harrison, Dagmar Hillel, Jordan Homstad, Qasim Ali Hussain, Meiqi Kong, Arden Kraatz, SONA LEE, Odella Li,  Ziqi Li, susie luo,  parisa mah, shangari, Felisa Nguyen, Victoria Norton, Teresa Olds, Lilly Reyes, Sumaiya Saiyed, Anna Samara, Danielle Sargeant, Rose Silberman-Gorn, Beki Song, Spencer, Yeabsera Tabb, Sabrina Thompson, Valeria or why should I say my name if it’s not respected, Ryan Van Der Hout, Guangyuan (Sam) Xing, Yining Zhang, and Zhenyu Zhang.

BFA Senior Open Studios

The BFA Fine Arts program guides students to discover their artistic voice, familiarizing them with traditional painting, drawing, sculpture, and video techniques, as well as interdisciplinary methods that can include performance, multimedia installation, and digital interaction. Electives and internships in topics such as art history, theory, and professional practices broaden their perspective and prepare them for a successful future in the field.

Artists (BFA): Filomela Aguirre-Ono,Tithi Arekar, Andrea Aziz, Nadia Benslimane, Anna Bluhdorn, Ella Burgess, Chenxin Cai, Eli Carbonneau, Tessa Carlin, Priscila Castillo Camacho, Nica Cezar De Moura Goncalves, Avantika Chaturvedi, Steffie Chau, Catherine Chen, Denisse Damken, Elias Diplas, Arlo Drogin-Carter, Devin Duster, Alex Fisher, Jade Freed, John Giesecke, Zak Goldman, Vivien Habegger, Frances Harris, Katherine Hong, Angelina Houston, Ruby Kessler-Karp, Anna Kwan, Olivia Lasa, Ryan Lee, Mado Lescohier, Wanting Li, Joi Li, Ji Won Lim, Sam Linguist, Minnie Marin Lopez, aj medeiros, Mahayla Meyer, Vanessa Miroshkina, Mumtahina Nabila, Hannah Neergard, Ryu Noguchi, Karla Nunez Guzman, Max Orenstein, Wenjing Ou, Cassi Paguio, Erin Park, Brooke Randle, Clementine Reille Soult de Dalmatie, Julee Rodgers, Anaïs Cardenas Scott, Meriel Seo, Gabby Severson, Yuhan Shen, Charlotte Shiah, Kevin Sparkowich, Katie Taylor, Jocelyn Tsui, Jack Vinetz, Jonah Weissman, Jay Wu, and Peyton Grover.

Health & Safety Information

Wearing a mask is strongly recommended but not required on campus.

Parsons Fine Arts MFA is a dynamic two-year, cross-disciplinary program committed to expanding the formal, intellectual and conceptual dimensions of emerging artists’ work. We foster studio-based research and scholarship that extends the boundaries of contemporary cultural expression, developed through a global understanding of the arts. Parsons Fine Arts is committed to diversity among students and faculty that provides a potent learning community. Housed within both Parsons School of Design and The New School University, the Fine Arts program is uniquely positioned within a progressive educational environment. Our international student body has access to a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from rigorous formal and aesthetic investigations to cross-disciplinary collaborations with design, performing arts and humanities students, to public forums that address pressing social and political concerns.

Parsons Fine Arts is home to an active, international faculty whose work has been included in the Whitney Biennial, Documenta, the Sharjah Biennial and the Sydney Biennale; and exhibited in institutions such as the Arko Art Center, Seoul and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Additionally our Visiting Artist Lecture Series and our Critic and Curator Series features renowned, multidisciplinary artists, curators and critics who are available for one-on-one visits or intimate conversations with graduate students. This culture of dialogical exchange supports our graduate students to redefine the cutting edge of Contemporary Art. The Visiting Artists Lecture Series for Fall 23 features: Beatriz Cortez, Mika Rottenberg, Tammy Nguyen, Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Tara Asgar, Troy Michie, and Farah Al Qasimi.

For more information, please visit For MFA information please contact Program Director H Lan Thao Lam. For BFA information please contact Co-Directors Catherine Telford Keogh and Selena Kimball.