MFA Alum Libby Paloma’s Exhibition Now Open at the University of Southern Maine

MFA Alum Libby Paloma’s artwork is on view in Embodying Softness/Excavating Delight at the University of Southern Maine Art Gallery, from October 12 to December 9!

Libby Paloma, Embodying Softness/Excavating DelightFrom the press release: “Embodying Softness / Excavating Delight sees artists Jackie Milad and Libby Paloma paired for the joy they share in their processes. Works in this show will range from mixed media wall hangings to free-standing soft sculptures. The artists consider the intersection of the lives of objects and language, and the point at which truths otherwise indiscernible manifest.” To learn more about the exhibition, please see

Visit Libby’s website here. Congratulations, Libby!