Carrie Yamaoka’s Exhibition at Galerie Hubert Winter

Parsons Fine Arts Faculty Carrie Yamaoka’s artwork was on view in the recent exhibition Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili  & Carrie Yamaoka at Galerie Hubert Winter, curated by Allyson Spellacy.

Carrie Yamaoka, 24 by 24 (cast bubble) #2, 2021

From the press release: “Carrie Yamaoka, presses her “negative”—a transparent pressure sensitive material—directly onto the wall; at times she pours her “film” (resin with dry pigment) into a mold; often Yamaoka layers unexpected, industrial materials (vinyl, mylar, bubble wrap) to achieve reflective, absorbing, mysterious overlays that transmit a sense of the duration of a process undertaken luring a viewer into prolonged contact. It is not subterfuge, per se, it is temporal photomechanical reproduction in its rawest form. Yamaoka’s surfaces appear to “crawl” (in her words), to illuminate, to chorus, with space and one another.”

View more images from the exhibition here, and visit Carrie’s website at Congratulations, Carrie!