Neema Githere

Wednesday, November 16th

Neema Githere (b. Nairobi, Kenya) is an artist and guerrilla theorist whose work explores love and indigeneity in a time of algorithmic debris. Neema’s experimental practice, termed ‘data healing,’ seeks to illuminate the links between technology, nature, and spirituality to investigate how working from this intersection can combat the data trauma – a term coined by Olivia M. Ross – that saturates our virtual worlds. Other projects of Neema’s include Afropresentism, a term they coined in 2017 to articulate digital diasporic cultural production in the here and now.

Over the past two years, Neema has lectured, given keynotes, facilitated workshops on technology/indigeneity/algorithmic justice at over two dozen cultural institutions across Europe and North America including Space10, Studio Olafur Eliasson, Afrotectopia, New York University, SCI-Arc, and The Royal Art Academy at the Hague, amongst others. They served as Shared_Studio’s Head Portal Curator for the Africa Center in 2018-19 with projects in Detroit, Harlem and Los Angeles;  #TwitterVoices Curator for Dia da Consciência Negra in Brazil, bringing together a group of influential Black Brazilian femme cultural workers; and was a moderator for the New York African Film Festival in 2019 and 2022.