Matthew Weinstein

Matthew Weinstein is a Brooklyn-based visual artist whose diverse background includes theater, acting, film, screenwriting, design and painting. He works extensively in 3D animation and transfers the technical and narrative concerns of his medium into the Art World. After studying computer animation at NYU, Weinstein assembled a small animation production community that assists in producing his work, which includes fully realized 3D characters. He then works with actors and musicians to bring his characters to life. Weinstein has built up an index of characters, sets, environments and plant forms which constitute a virtual architecture surrounded by a virtual nature that is populated with virtual beings. His studio mimics the “dream factories” of classic American cinema.  Weinstein’s work has been exhibited at the new Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Kunsthalle in Vienna, The Matisse Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Denver Museum, The Hirshhorn museum as well as many international galleries.