Kamini Vellodi

Kamini Vellodi is a writer and artist and Lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice and Theory at the University of Edinburgh. She is author of Tintoretto’s Difference. Deleuze, Diagrammatics and Art History (Bloomsbury, 2018) and a number of articles on issues crossing the visual arts, art historiography and methodology, continental philosophy . She is Series Editor of Refractions. At the Borders of Philosophy and Art History (Edinburgh University Press) and editorial board member of the journal Art History. She is currently writing an extensive critical guide to Deleuze and Guattari’s writings on the visual arts (The Visual World of Deleuze and Guattari: A Heteropedia). Kamini has a BA Painting from Chelsea College of Art, London, an MA Painting from the Royal College of Art and a PhD in Philosophy from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University. She has exhibited her work internationally, most recently at the ICA London, and taught at a number of institutions including Goldsmiths College of Art, Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and The Royal College of Art.