Spring 2022 BFA Electives, X-Studio: Art As Social Tool – Stefanos Tsivopoulos


For “The Great White Way,” Pope.L donned a Superman costume and gardening gloves, and began crawling all twenty-two miles from the Battery to his mother’s home, in the Bronx.

X-Studio: Art As Social Tool

PSAM 3702; CRN 3303

The class Art As Social Tool will encourage students to develop in-depth, research-based-projects, inspired by and in dialogue with communities, social space, and the public domain. Topics of social, cultural, and political significance will be central to the class. Students will acquire research tools to delve deeper into generating public discourse around these topics and directly impact society.

Students will sharpen tools of self-inquiry, public research, working and collaborating with individuals, groups, and organizations in the public domain. Each student may work independently or collaboratively and incorporate various disciplines and cross-disciplinary strategies from performance, live happenings, and activism to documentaries, video installations, online platforms, and digital works. We will study the practices of contemporary artists using these strategies, including Sharon Hayes, Hito Steyerl, Tania Bruguera, Pope L, Laura Poitras, to theorists Guy Debord, Nato Thomson, and Claire Bishop.

Open to: All University undergraduate students. Some seats have been reserved for BFA Fine Arts students