Faculty SexEd project featured in FIELDWORKS: Season One


Faculty Norene Leddy and Liz Slagus’s project SexEd is featured in FIELDWORKS: Season One, a short documentary series presented by A Blade of Grass that explores the beauty, rigor, and impact of socially engaged art through its ABOG Fellow initiatives. FIELDWORKS: Season One, produced by RAVA Films and One Hundred Seconds, spotlights ABOG’s Distinguished Fellow, Mel Chin, and 2014 ABOG Fellows: Brett Cook, Pablo Helguera, Fran Ilich, SexEd (Norene Leddy & Liz Slagus), Jan Mun and Jody Wood.

FIELDWORKS: Season One will be shown in tandem with Art Basel Miami Beach week at Wynwood’s independent cinema and art space, O Cinema! on Thursday Dec. 3 at 11:30am and Friday Dec. 4. The 45-minute screening Dec. 3 will be followed by a post-film discussion with ABOG Fellow Pablo Helguera and Allison Agsten, Director of The Main Museum in Los Angeles.

The screenings are free, but space is limited, so please RSVP to rsvp@abladeofgrass.org.

You can register for Norene Leddy’s and Liz Slagus’s Spring course, Sex Ed