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xStudio: Sex Ed 
PSAM 3701 – G (CRN: 7181)
Spring 2016
Wednesdays 9-11:40

Prof. Norene Leddy & Liz Slagus

Through a series of collective and individual assignments, xStudio: SexEd will engage students as collaborators in developing arts-based sex education content for use online and in classrooms. We will be working in concert with the students and school-based health center at the Washington Irving High School campus. Street campaigns, videos, role-playing exercises, performances and games will all be explored as proposals for new ways of thinking and re-thinking sex education. Students will explore: the history of sex education in the US, the role of artists and activists in raising awareness of social issues related to sex and sex education, and creative ways to encourage and engage public participation and consciousness. Students will also be exposed to the planning, development, and documentation methods necessary to create successful curricula and public programming, as well as participating in public art projects that engage the public around social issues. Find out more about our work at

*This is a required course for the Social Practice Minor.