Parsons Alumnus Cupid Ojala Featured in Group Show, “Rural Fantasies”

Parsons almunus Cupid Ojala is featured in the group show, “Rural Fantasies,” currently on display at Iridian Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.

“Rural Fantasies” is a two-person exhibition featuring the work of New York-based transgender artists, Cobi Moules and Cupid Ojala. Their works, created individually and paired by the Iridian Gallery art selection committee, are both humorous and poignant, and represent their separate experiences as transgender people. The artists utilize the absurd as a construct to portray imagined moments in their lives. There is a profound exploration of the tropes of growing up as an all-American boy, to which most cisgender men probably haven’t given a second thought. The work is visually clever, intentionally provocative, and asserts itself as a reclamation of self. The show is sponsored by Transgender Veterans Support Group | Virginia.

To hear more from the artist, Ojala will be moderating a panel on “Beauty, Gender and the Camera” for Jessica Yatrofsky on Saturday April 22nd at  3pm as part of her show I Heart Boy and I Heart Girl at the Prince Street Project Space programming administered by the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.

Rural Fantasies
by Cobi Moules and Cupid Ojala
Iridian Gallery
1407 Sherwood Ave., Richmond, VA 23220
OPENING:  Friday March 17th, 2017 6-9pm
Exhibit: March 18th – April 27th, 2017, Wed – Sun 10am -5pm