Traces, Leftovers, & Residue

Traces, Leftovers, & Residue is about what remains. Displaying the different ways that artists consider their traces; past to present. Navigating trauma, existence, the body,…

Material Automatism

25East Gallery is delighted to present Material Automatism, a group exhibition recontextualizing “Automatism,” in art, defined as, “the avoidance of conscious intention in producing works…

Displaced Landscapes

25East Gallery is pleased to present Displaced Landscapes, an exhibition curated by Anahita Bagheri featuring artists Paguio, Devin Duster, Fran Harris, Guangyuan Xing, Hannah Bang,…


25East Gallery is delighted to present Metamorphosis, a group exhibition that reflects on the idea of change and transformation. Showcasing paintings, sculptures and installations that…

Glimmers, Camp & Gore

Curated by: Richard Valentin Artists: Mari Rios Cacua Parisa Mah Ryan Van Der Hout Elias Diplas Dagmar Hillel Arden Kraatz Qasim Hussain Mahayla Meyer Jade…

Dont Be Chicken: Fear is the Mind Killer

25 East Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition Don’t be Chicken: Fear is the Mind Killer. Representing the work of eight emerging artists who…



In places worlds apart. In wildly disparate politics, an epoch of unprecedented collective pause. In doubt. Enraged. In solitude. In shambles. In rusted and renewed…

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Alice, Wake Up

Alice, Wake Up, originates from the classic fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. At the end of the story, the self-awakening of Alice enables herself to escape from the wonderland and return to the physical world. The artists create the seemingly harmless, innocent, and humorous works as victims, bystanders or healers to criticize and question families, societies, others, and even selves, inadvertently or intentionally inflict physical or mental harm on the objects. From the perspective of self-analysis, social practice, and theoretical research, this exhibition reveals the close internal relationship between public, private, physical, spiritual, and environmental.

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Between Here and There

Places are difficult to describe but not impossible to express. We all live and work at a certain address, a place. The address is precise and clear, while the place is indistinct, relative, difficult to describe.

How is a place built in our minds? What can be used as a symbol of a place? Can a picture can represent a place? Can a description can represent a place, or is an address is enough to represent?

This show offers a comprehensive view of different places, stemming from thoughts to visual forms. The artists in this show explore places on different layers, a faraway place, a place in memory, a place in reality, a place that has disappeared, a new place…


Conceal and Carry

Conceal and Carry represents a moment of reflection on the individual and cultural accumulation of contemporary national trauma. This exhibition investigates the ways in which sensationalism, tragedy, scale, and violence dictate and inform image making and cultural identity. The early twenty-first century has arrived in its own reckless and blurry sense of identity, one that is rooted in the terminal nature of imperialism and the ever-evolving rapport of terror and documentary.

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Don’t Stop on the Second Floor

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 16th, 6 – 8pm 25 E 13th Street, New York, NY, 5th Floor The artists’ appetite for contemplation is met without attempt…


More Than Landscape

‘More Than Landscape’ is an exhibition of artists working primarily in the medium of painting and drawing. In a time where landscapes are very much…

Zinc-Finger Like Folds

Zinc-Finger Like Folds is an exhibition of texts. ( heard & read & seen )