Don’t Stop on the Second Floor

5charlotterenner (1).jpg

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 16th, 6 – 8pm
25 E 13th Street, New York, NY, 5th Floor

The artists’ appetite for contemplation is met without attempt to propose the answers for “big picture” questions. Instead these more complex societal questions are presented without attempt to answer, as these answer are inconceivable but presuppose a thought spiral within the viewer that will stay with the viewer, entering into their subconscious dream state where tangibility is not needed to foresee such change. Artworks that do not endorse an anthropocentric perspective but are humble in their origin, a body of work that rejects classification and openly welcome’s interpretation. Self-proclamation that materiality is paramount and intentionality with medium is the intertwining thread throughout the show, pushing the works to the vanguard of experimentation.

Image: “I create to worship,” Charlotte Renner