Triplecanopy – 5/6/16




Triple Canopy invites you to join us for a party at Cantina Royal, 58 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, on Friday, May 6th. We’ll be celebrating the launch of our newest issue, Standard Evaluation Materials, with music by Maria ChavezPerson of Interest, and Sadaf.

Standards harmonize bodies, regulate speech, and fix time. They’re ubiquitous, largely invisible tools for organizing social and economic life. Established by voluntary consensus or the passage of centuries, abided by gentle coercion or through habit, they’re experienced in all that we record and transmit. They appear as graphical symbols on roadways and machinery; intermodal containers that pass from port to freighter to port; TCP/IP, PDF, MPEG, A4, ISBN; expressions of veneration and nationalism; models for seeing and hearing. This issue treats standards as aesthetic artifacts, political instruments, technological protocols, and linguistic codes. It asks how our lives might change if we could grasp the matrix of standardized objects and processes within which our actions and expressions are enacted and interpreted. How might we read and represent standards, inhabit and appropriate the languages of the bureaucracies and technical systems?

Contributors include: Rey Akdogan, José Arnaud-Bello, Köken Ergun, David Horvitz, Susie Ibarra, Sowon Kwon, Claire Lehman, Jen Liu, Lucy Raven, Jared Stanley, Nader Vossoughian, and Hannah Whitaker, among others.

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