Tariku Shiferaw and Ryota Sato: Bluewolf Art Installation Scholarship Winners

Works by MFA Fine Arts students Tariku Shiferaw, a mixed media artist and painter, and Ryota Sato, a silkscreen artist, were selected for the inaugural Bluewolf Art Installation Scholarship program, this year titled, “In Between Abstraction.”

Sato’s silkscreens unpack the parallels between art and technology in the current digital era: “In my work, you see a single image printed hundreds of times in over 450 different colors. The image can no longer be identified without studying all of the layers, much in the same way that data cannot be understood without analysis.”

sato Ryota 3 Ryota 2 Ryota 1

Shiferaw’s paintings explore the symbol X which, he says, “can have multiple meanings: an unknown variable, demarcation, cancellation.”


Tariku 3 Tariku 2

Tariku 1



Aditi Chaturvedi, a Bluewolf Beyond consultant, loves the energy the new artwork adds to the space. “Our office now feels half consulting agency, half art gallery. Every new visitor is curious about the installations, and new conversations constantly arise about what the work means. Simply discussing different ways of viewing art often inspires different ways of thinking about how we do our jobs.”

The biannual showcase will feature two Parsons student artists, and will grant them financial awards and the opportunity to design and execute site-specific installations of their artwork. This program offers an exciting opportunity for fresh inspiration and dialogue across disciplines. AMT and Parsons are very excited about this new partnership and scholarship program!

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