Sunset Illuminated

The New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation is delighted to present Sunset Illuminated, an annual fall exhibition highlighting the diverse talents at work in the NARS Studio Artist Community. Working within these walls, the NARS Studio Artists explore themes of distinct iconography, morphing technology, personal practice, and collective experience. Beyond highlighting their artwork, this exhibition illustrates the exchange that emerges from having the common space to discuss and dissect.

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This dialogue has brought these artists down a winding path of give and take, leading to the continued development of their individual artistic practice within the growing arts community of Sunset Park. Featuring 11 studio artists utilizing disparate mediums of collage, GIFs, oil paint, found objects, and plaster, Sunset Illuminated serves to give voice to the discourse of unity through intersection of interests and departure of opinions over the past year within the NARS Artist Community. Participating Artists: Niamul Bari, Ana Delgado, Katya Grokhovsky, Nathan Hall, Rachel Klinghoffer, Tracy Miller, Kristine Moran, Daniel Ochoa, Mark John Smith, Noël St. John Harnden, Matt Whitman, and Halley Zien

October 17 2014 – November 14 2014

NARS Foundation Gallery,
201 46th Street, 4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11220