Spring 2024. Adv Practice: Methods of Motion

Adv Practice: Methods of Motion

CRN: 13370 PGFA 5304A
Thurs. 12: 10 – 2:50pm
Faculty: Damien Vera

This course will explore the reasoning and application of motion in kinetic works and sculptural forms. We will discuss what types of motions and movements are used to invoke a focused response and interactivity from the audience. We will compare the differences between natural and perceived mechanical movements, as well as manual and motorized drive systems. The main objective of the course is to question why motion would be needed in composition, what would we want to achieve through movement, and how to avoid the pitfalls common to kinetic works. The artists this course will focus on are Chico MacMurtire, Jennifer Townley, Haksul Lee, Arthur Ganson, Rebbace Horn, U-Ram Choe, Jean Tinguely, and Natsuki Takauji. We will explore why they chose to incorporate movement into their work and their choices in the type of movement they used to encapsulate their concept.
Required. Safety Orientations for Wood and Metal shops. Prior basic knowledge and hands-on experience with hand tools.