Spring 2022 BFA Electives, X-Studio: Alchemical Affinities – Fields Harrington


A ray of light being refracted in a plastic block.

X-Studio: Alchemical Affinities

PSAM 3701; CRN 2074

How and why do artists engage with the grammars of science in their work? How do these artists generate a poetics of science through the use of scientific aesthetics? This course surveys contemporary art that critiques, questions and employs scientific thought and study. As a group we will look across the works of Candice Lin, Butch Morris, Claire Pentecost, Aki Sasamoto, Constantina Zavitsanos, mayfield brooks, and engage with texts by Ramon Amaro, Katherine McKittrick, Stuart Hall, Lorraine Daston, Jussi Parikka, Donna Haraway, among others. We will embrace interdisciplinarity by thinking and making across the Natural Sciences, Technoscience, Chemistry, Geologies Of Media, Physics, and Aesthetics. Coursework will include participating in weekly discussions based on readings, material experimentation and investigation, research projects, and a final project.