Fall 2019 Electives, Topics 2D: The Third Meaning – Cristóbal Lehyt

Topics 2D: The Third Meaning

PUFA 3220 (CRN: 3950)

Fridays 9:00am – 2:40pm

Using painting, drawing and an array of 2D media, the course will ask to problematize each student’s position, what is most important and urgent, and why. It will be a studio class with absolute freedom in production with a rigorous critique dimension. Barthes’s proposition: “The Third Meaning” is what can’t be discussed in words, but can be accessed through a variety of tropes that describe around and through something, but is not quite the thing itself. This is the space of interesting and engaging art. To try to think of where each student finds that space will be the goal of the class. Classes will be structured as follows: group critiques during the first two hours, then studio work and one to one meetings. After class emails will be sent with references and texts that connect to the the work shown and the discussion. All students will be required to show more than two times or more, depending on what projects they are working on.

Faculty Bio:

Cristóbal Lehyt is a Chilean born New York based artist that works in different media. He studied at Universidad Católica de Chile, Hunter College and the Whitney Independent Study Program. His work has been shown at the Carpenter Center, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Fundación Telefonica Chile, Or Gallery, Kunsthaus Dresden, Artists Space, The Shanghai Biennale, The Mercosul Biennial, The Whitney Museum of American Art and Queens Museum among others. In addition, he has produced works responding to specific contexts, in cities that include Bogotá, Caracas, Mexico City, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Beijing, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro. He has been awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship and the Art Forum Fellowship, Harvard University. His work is in numerous collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.