Spandita Malik’s Exhibition at The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

MFA Fine Arts alum Spandita Malik’s exhibition, Meshes of Resistance, is now on view at The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston School of the Arts (161 Calhoun Street Charleston, SC) from April 5 to July 20, 2024.

Artwork by Spandita Malik.

From The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art’s Website: “Spandita Malik’s exhibition at the Halsey Institute, Meshes of Resistance, features work from Malik’s ongoing Jāḷī series. In this work, Malik photographs women in India that she has connected with through self-help centers for domestic and gender-based violence. Malik prints these portraits, created in the womens’ homes and personal spaces, onto fabric specific to the region. The women then embroider their portraits in any way they choose, taking agency over their ultimate representation and creating an artistic collaboration with Malik.”

Learn more about the exhibition here, and visit Spandita Malik’s website here. Congratulations, Spandita!