Solo Presentation with Kianga Ellis Projects!

VOLTA is a contemporary solo project fair, and the sister fair to The Armory Show.

March 6 – 9, 2014
Opening: March 6, 6pm

82 Mercer, New York


The Durrantman series by Alicia DeBrincat draws largely on the historical figure of Theodore Durrant, a late 19th-century medical student living in San Francisco who suffered an “attack of brain fever” and killed two young women who he was dating at the San Francisco Emmanuel Baptist Church, where he was assistant superintendent of the church’s Sunday School. In an internationally-publicized trial, he became known as “The Demon of the Belfry”, was convicted of first degree murder and ultimately hanged at San Quentin Prison, California in 1898. In her silkscreen ink and oil paint on canvas paintings, DeBrincat examines the inherent violence of representation and image-making. By stitching faces and bodies together through both photography and painting that reference and echo Durrant’s crime, the artist also emphasizes the power dynamics underlying the construction of any image, be it in art or the media.