“Reflective Reflex” to Open at 25 East Gallery

Al Prexta. 111 8th Ave. 2017. Acrylic on canvas.

Reflective Reflex

25 East Gallery

February 26—Mach 10, 2018

6—8 PM

25 E 13th Street, 5th Floor Gallery

New York NY 10003

Curated by Paloma Jimenez and Shunran Xue

The reflective reflex is a reflex, which is a reflective self projected onto itself. It is a simulation of its own, made by itself.

A simulation is that which does not stop when the stories go away. Stories are responsible to our human desire for resolution, but a simulation is responsible only to its own laws and initializing conditions. A simulation has no moral, prejudice, or meaning. Like nature, it just is.

How do they speak to each other?

Featuring Artists

Nadine Käser Cenoz

Nicole Economides

Liliana Farber

Utsa Hazarika

Amorelle Jacox

Al Prexta

sal daña

Shunran Xue