“Project Anywhere” Now Accepting Submissions

Kaspar Stöbe and Nicolò Krättli, “Elsewhere Tomorrow 01”, 2017. Collage. © 2017.

Project Anywhere

Global Exhibition Program 2018—Call For Proposals

Project Anywhere is a global blind peer reviewed exhibition program dedicated to promoting artistic research at the outermost limits of location-specificity. Since its inception in 2012, it has hosted between four and nine projects annually. Although descriptions and images of hosted projects are featured on a dedicated website, it is important to stress thatProject Anywhere is neither an online gallery nor a journal. It is instead a vehicle for illuminating artistic projects located anywhere and elsewhere in space and time. It isperhaps best imagined as an exhibition space comprising the entire globe in which the role of curator is replaced with a peer evaluation system.

Artistic research, like the world of a work of art, can be represented in multiple ways in its often-uneven passage from conception through production to dissemination. Rather than focussing upon outcomes,Project Anywhere’s focus is directed toward evaluation at the proposal stage. All proposals are comprehensively reviewed by at least four artist academics of international standing.

Following an exhaustive blind peer review process, we are now delighted to announce our 2018 global exhibition program:

The Missing Albu(Joanne Choueiri)
An ongoing research project that attempts to gather an archive of photographs of Lebanese people living / hiding in their houses during the Beirut Civil War (1975–90).

From Larger to the Smaller Island(Wangwen and Andrew Stooke)
A durational cross-country walking project that will circumnavigate all 43 of the UK’s tidal islands.

84(Lunga School)
A project that has taken place twice a year in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland since 2014 and will continue for an unknown number of years. Each performance has a duration of exactly 84 days.

Elsewhere Tomorrow (Nicolò Krättli & Kaspar Stöbe)
This project proposes an artwork constituting a LCD screen placed on the front facade of a childrens’ hospital.

The Grid (Annie Morrad & Ian Mcarthur)
A preliminary study exploring sound and cities to forge a triangulated performative and intermittently participatory digital space linking London, Sydney, Chongqing, and New York.

Putting Out (Georgia Banks)
Employs the relationship between reperformance and performance by proxy as a platform for creating a microcosmic set on which particular scenes from the Australian performance art world can be re-enacted.

Cups of Nun Chai(Alana Hunt)
Is at once a search for meaning in the face of something so brutal it appears absurd and an absurd gesture when meaning itself becomes too much to bear.

Urban Folk Project (Shilpa Mudbi Kothakota, Sumitra Sunder & Adithya Kothakota)
An initiative to archive Folk art forms in Karnataka and to use elements of these forms to build bodies of works that engage an urban audience with folk art practices.

Soil Series: A Social Drawing(Francesca Fiore and Hillary Wagner)
An ongoing collaboration between artists Francesca Fiore and Hillary Wagner and the rural Appalachian community of Bethel, Ohio.

Please note that the deadline for proposal submissions for our 2019 program is September 1, 2018.
Please read our proposal guidelines and evaluation criteria before submitting a proposal.

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