Parsons Fine Arts Faculty Lindsay Benedict to perform at Eden’s Expressway on June 13

Movement Research – Open Performance

maternal durability / madre solo hay una

Tuesday, June 13th — 7pm, promptly

Eden’s Expressway in SoHo

537 Broadway, 4th floor, NYC

Wheelchair Accessible

A performed collaboration between Luisa Fernanda Trigo Mendoza, Aylar Roufa-Trigo, Kyung Jeon-Miranda, Ennio Miranda-Jeon, Lindsay and Simone Benedict.

*Primary caregiver: the term mother carries assumptions of gender and birth biology.

Wanting to share the physical duress and emotional exclusivity of a mother-child relationship, “maternal durability / madre solo hay una” presents a series of structural engagements with toddlers who have not yet formed language. By centering the body as a form of knowledge production, we create a socially engaged space where the the historical traces that languages carry within a postcolonial and capitalist context is discarded and the body can be used to forge new languages.

With the impossibility of scoring an undisrupted choreographed work with toddlers, Kyung, Lindsay and Luisa set up some propositions for precarious play and sets of rules for uncertain responses. Through the desire to investigate the invisibility of labor&work of a caregiver, the primal qualities of a baby’s needs&desires, and the sheer physical aspects of breastfeeding, the adult performers as modern subjects negotiate their professional realm from within the cocoon of a dependent relationship. By bringing the domestic space into an art space, we open critical interventions within existing social systems that inspire debate.

Luisa Fernanda Trigo Mendoza started dancing at age three in her native home of Mexico City. She trained as a professional dancer at The Juilliard school and The Ailey School and co-directs ArcDanz International Dance Program. In Brooklyn, along side her husband Micah, she has been discovering the most complex of all movement forms; motherhood.

Kyung Jeon-Miranda was born in 1975 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She studied art and philosophy in Boston College and received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Jeon is the recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (2009). She has held numerous solo exhibitions including Savannah College of Art and Design, and participated in group exhibitions in museums and galleries in Asia, U.S.A., Europe and South America, including Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul. Jeon lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Lindsay Benedict presents us with fragments and gestures that examine and question social relations. In her work, affect and raw emotion are deployed to disrupt and destabilize any simple reading of human attachments. Benedict has shared work at Jack Hanley Gallery, Bose Pacia, PARMER, PS 122, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Pacific Film Archive, and the Berkeley Art Museum. She has performed at Danspace, Le Confort Moderne, Ratti Foundation, Dixon Place, and with Movement Research. She received a BA from Williams College, an MFA from UC Berkeley and was a studio fellow in the Whitney Independent Study Program.

Audio segment generated by composer, musician and member of Wargarble, John Watkinson.