Parsons faculty Neil Goldberg Performs in “Inhibited Bites” at Cristin Tierney Gallery

In the performance piece “Inhibited Bites,” artist and Parsons faculty Neil Goldberg draws randomly from a pile of 700-plus index cards containing notes he’s jotted down over many years, and encounters them anew. The result is a revelatory and comedic narrative that unfolds over the course of an hour and spans topics ranging from unrealized art ideas to language subtleties to social dynamics — for instance: “Watching people enter a party, you can really see what they were like as kids.” Projected large behind the artist, the cards offer striking visual context. Each performance is different, with its own singular insight, compassion, and wit.

During gallery hours, selected index cards will be on display as part of the group exhibition “Indirect Representations.”

A Performance by Neil Goldberg
Three Thursdays: March 30, April 6, April 13
Cristin Tierney Gallery
540 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
Please RSVP to Candace Moeller at or 212.594.0550