Parsons Faculty Sreshta Rit Premnath Featured in Group Show at The Drawing Center

Where Do We Stand?

August 3 – September 17, 2017

The Drawing Center

35 Wooster Street, SoHo, New York, 10013

Where Do We Stand? Two Years of Drawing with Open Sessions is the second whole-group exhibition of the Open Sessions program. It includes all thirty-six artists in the 2016-17 program, giving the first floor of the museum over to an exploration of contemporary drawing, encompassing video, sculpture, photography, and installation, as well as traditional drawing forms.

Evert two years Open Sessions invites a large group of artists, chosen via open call, to consider their relationship to drawing as medium, process, and metaphor. Working together over a two-year period, Open Sessions artists participate in ongoing studio visits and discussions, punctuated by small-group exhibitions at The Drawing Center.

Artists participating in Where Do We Stand?

Regina Agu; ruby onyinyechi amanze; Daniel Bejar; Danielle Dean; Mustafa Faruki; Eric Ramos Guerrero; Sheree Hovsepian; Sue Jeong Ka; Olalekan Jeyifous; Rafael Kelman; Arnold Kemp; Nsenga Knight; Florentine and Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize; Carolyn Lambert; Lei Lei; jc lenochan; Thessia Machado; Srinivas Mangipudi; James Mercer; Irini Miga; Ana Peñalba; Sreshta Rit Premnath; Jennifer May Reiland; Gabriela Salazar; Slinko; Sun Moqing; Edwin Torres; Hong-An Truong; Tuguldur Yondonjamts; Rodrigo Valenzuela; Ezra Wube; Sara Chang Yan.