Parsons Faculty Devin Kenny and Jen Liu Featured in “the Visible Hand” at CUE Art Foundation

(image from “The Visible Hand”)

Parsons faculty Devin Kenny and Jen Liu have featured work in the group exhibition, “The Visible Hand” on display now at the CUE Art Foundation.

Drawing on a business history term for management—the visible hand—as a corrective to the invisible forces of the market, this show posits art as a form of managerial practice. After all, artists already live, breathe and work as single-person institutions.

The artists presented in The Visible Hand set aside the too-convenient narrative of art as an oppositional critique of corporate management, and propose art as existing within and alongside institutions rather than outside of them. The works here reflect on the entire process of artistic production, from early socialization to the arts education system to market pressures to systems of distribution, consumption and storage (from

Several public programs will also be open to the public, for more information click here.

The Visible Hand
featuring Devin Kenny and Jen Liu
CUE Art Foundation
January 7-February 15, 2017