Parsons Alum Fernando do Campo Opens Solo Exhibition at Praxis Gallery


Parsons Alumn Fernando do Campo debuts the solo exhibition, “I Always Hear You Before I See You” at Praxis Gallery. Utilizing text, abstraction and site-specific responsiveness; each work which explore notions of longing, perception, cognition.

Of the work, do Campo says, ” ‘I Always Hear You Before I See You’ archives the moments of confusion , nostalgia, double-vision, that occur when one attempts to locate oneself in a new place. The birds that I see and my practice as a birdwatcher of classifying them, offers me an opportunity to construct a memory-list of each new location. Such a practice requires: one to think of what they are seeing, a tool set consisting of knowledge of other species, and most importantly; the visual memory to perceive another creature, cognitively name it, and confirm its presence in that given landscape. Through this last form of identification, I the human salute the bird as a co-inhabitant of that location.”

I Always Hear You Before I See You by Fernando do Campo
Praxis Gallery
January 13-February 19, 2017
Opening Reception: January 12, 2017 from 6-8 PM