Paradoxluxe present solo exhibition Do not panic if caught in the current, Opening May 6th, 2022

MFA Alums, Nicole Economides and Natalia Almonte (who go by the moniker “Paradoxluxe”) will be having an exhibition in Athens.

Paradoxluxe presents a site-specific installation in Two Thirds Project Space that explores matters of gentrification, cultural identity, locality and ownership. The exhibition titled, Do not panic if caught in the current, is composed of various elements designed in a sense to resemble a vacation rental or a staged hotel apartment, transforming the space to what can be perceived as in-between with a “neutral” identity: “neutral” considering that cultural specificities are replaced by westernized architectural and commercial aesthetics.
This is a transformation happening in whole neighborhoods, instigated by massive real estate companies, a globalized phenomenon systemically mechanized by capitalistic practices. Paradoxluxe, a collective founded in 2018 by Greek artist Nicole Economides, and Puerto Rican artist Natalia Almonte, critically engages the reductive perceptions of both places through the deconstruction of their immediate environment via a range of media, including video, photography, sculpture, and performance. Opening: 6 May 2022, 18:00 – 21:00

Do not panic if caught in the current

Duration of exhibition: 6 May – 21 May 2022
Exhibition Hours: Tues, Wed, Fri : 17:00-21:00, Sat : 11:30-14:30
Location: Two Thirds Project Space,
Themistokleous 42, 5th floor,
Exarchia, 10678

Concept/Execution: Paradoxluxe
Text: Odette Kouzou