Opening Reception for Group BFA Exhibition “an unspecialized species”

Monday 4th November to Friday 15th November

Opening Reception: Monday 4th November 6 – 8 PM

5th Floor Gallery

25 East 13th, NY 10003

Featured Artists: Ada Bowman, S Locke, Owen Krzyzaniak Geary, Léon Tongwei Haouzi, Adriana Wynne, James Dill, Fiona McCormac, Earl Fox, Lorenzo De Bellis

Curated By: Earl Fox & Léon Tongwei Haouzi

an unspecialized species is a group exhibition that puts in relation the various ways artists explore tools and technology, as unspecialized participants of society. It parallels artists in society with humans in nature, being unspecialized (otherwise defined as adaptable) animals.

Human taxonomy and ontology have tried to define our species with one specific attribute/epitet. Sapiens is our current accepted specialty, but in Art, form and meaning are created at the same time: homo faber and sapiens are concurrent. Because of this existence in two planes artists nowadays are even more so unspecialized. Through abstraction, détournement and satire artists deal with their parasitic existence in societies built on division of labour, much like how humans have to make peace today with their parasitic existence in nature.