MFA student Fernando Do Campo presents a site-specific installation


Praxis is pleased to present Localized Contagion, the site specific installation by
Fernando do Campo (b. 1987, Mar del Plata, Argentina). A reception to celebrate the opening will be held at 541 West 25th Street, on Thursday November 12th, 2015, from 6 to 8 pm.

This project utilizes an existing architectural threshold as a site for colour, pattern and figure-ground experimentation. The stairwell space, often a feature that lives ignored as a conduit or as a shifter between multiple spaces here becomes a container of propositions. The introduction of separate colours is followed by their potential co-inhabitation. As these forms and marks attempt to function in quarantine contagion is inescapable.

An ongoing interest in the construction of place-memory and notions of familiarity as respondent to the sites and locales that an artist inhabits drives the need to birdwatch, to archive information, to walk, to write, to paint. Practice highlights the difficulty in maintaining a register on influence and input – but also calls upon an attempt at mapping and auditing the cultural, spatial and phenomenological at play.

Across the paintings themselves a similar yet nuanced osmosis occurs. The relationships internal to one picture can enter every other painting in the room. In the way we read the space that they inhabit, in the way we see light fall, in all the strata that then offers a notion of place through the memory of a sighting.