MFA Student Caroline Garcia at Judson Church

Movement Research at the Judson Church

Monday April 8th 2019

Gabriella Carmichael , Caroline Garcia , NiNi Dongnier | FIELD MOTION , Diana Crum

A free, high visibility low-tech forum for experimentation, emerging ideas and works-in-progress held in the Fall and Spring seasons. Artists are selected by a rotating committee of peer artists, and join Movement Research Artists-In-Residence and international guests each season in performing at the historic Judson Memorial Church.

Caroline Garcia is a culturally promiscuous, interdisciplinary artist. She works across live performance and video through a hybridised aesthetic of cross-cultural dance, ritual practice, new media, and the sampling of popular culture and colonial imagery.

Caroline’s practice is shaped by alterity. She centers peripheral bodies by sliding into the gaps between cultures, and experiences of otherness. She is concerned with reimagining forgotten choreographies, alternate ways of viewing images of the past that eschew classical myths, and the mimetic capacities of the Filipina.

Caroline performed for the Manila Biennale, Art Central Hong Kong, Vera List Center (all 2018), was a resident at the EMPAC (2016-17), and was one of the eight artists selected for ‘Primavera 2018: Young Australian Artists’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.