MFA Second Year Amy Dos Santos to Feature Work in “I met God and She is…”

I met God and She is…

WOMAN in the ART(s)

An exploration of agency & representation with a focus on women of color OPENING APRIL 30 until MAY 7, 2018

Ideal Glass Gallery

Opening Reception: Monday April 30, 2018, 6—9 PM

April 30—May 7, 2018

On view 12—6 PM

9 West 8th Street

New York NY 10011

A Groupshow featuring 30 established Female & 15 Male international Artists (including 10 MFA students from the NY Academy of Arts): Jules ARTHUR, Mirza BABIC, Tyler BALLON, Meghan BOODY, Tawny CHATMON, Chloe CHIASSON, Angela CHINA, Barron CLAIBORNE, Taha CLAYTON, Sophia DAWSON, Amy DOS SANTOS, Emily EZELL, Hannah FINKBOHNER, Elody GYEKIS, David HOLLIER, Jerome LAGARRIQUE, Coby KENNEDY, Jas KNIGHT, Daniel KOTERBAY, Nate LEWIS, Sylvia MAIER, Osborne MACHARIA, Nelson MAKAMO, Dindga MCCANNON, Steven MENENDEZ, Rogerio MESQUITA, Prinston NNANNA, Tim OKAMURA, Anna PARK, Andreea RADUTOIU, Miles REGIS, Helen ROBINSON, Hiba SCHAHBAZ, Nighisti SOLOMON, Stan SQUIREWELL, Justine TJALLINKS, Alanna VANACORE, Nichole WASHINGTON, Dagmar van WEEGHEL, Deborah WILLIS + more

Curated by Joakim von Ditmar & Destinee Ross

Only 27 percent of the 590 major museum exhibitions from 2007 to 2013 were devoted to female artists; only five women were among the top 100 artists by cumulative auction value between 2011 and 2016; and just a third of gallery representation in the U.S. is female and Women of Color are at the bottom of this hierarchy.

It is finally beginning to change, but it is still long ways off from where it should be.

That is in the arts, but the same goes for equal pay and positions of power in the workplace. Too many glass ceilings in a time of #metoo and female empowerment. And how are women in general and in particular women of color viewed?

Mentioning race in any context in America especially, people either get defensive or offended. Art can be a contributing factor to a much needed and long overdue change in many ways and areas. The hope is that this exhibition will somehow contribute, entice at least a dialogue.

A portion of proceeds benefit MoCADA and their educational programming and exhibitions as arts education is instrumental in the development of a child.

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