MFA alumnae Paulina Kim Joo curated exhibition ‘Through the Looking Glass’ for the Pingyao Festival of International Photography

‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a cosplay photography show gathering 5 international photographers

Mit (JAPAN), muze (USA based) justmoolti (RUSSIA), Dan Gyokuei (VIETNAM), & Fernando Brischetto (ARGENTINA) at Pingyao International Photography Festival 2019.
Cosplay (costume play) is the characterization of a character brought up to a next level of production, beyond just costume, closer to a supposed reality: from 2D to our dimension.
Often to finish a laborious process of making, where the ‘player’ is also maker, concept artist, make up artist and model/actor, reaches it’s final shape in photography.
Photographers in cosplay can be invisible from the final labor.
The show seeks to feature the works of long dedicated fantasy makers, often from very informal formation, fueled by great care of dedication to stories that mean significantly to all the participants.
A show to feature the ones in the other side of the lens.
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