MFA Alum Luciana Pinchiero’s Exhibition at Praxis NY

MFA Fine Arts alum Luciana Pinchiero’s exhibition, Bad Posture, is now on view at Praxis NY (501 W 20th Street) from January 11th to March 10th, 2024.

Luciana Pinchiero, Bad Posture

From Jillian McManemin’s text for Bad Posture, 2023:  “Bad Posture, an exhibition by artist Luciana Pinchiero, traverses the dynamics between the corporeal and the sculptural in relation to the female body––the vicissitudes of objecthood and subjecthood, of being worshiped and loved. Pinchiero takes the vast, monumental genre of the female nude under consideration in her art historical evaluations, going back to how the figure is rendered and how monuments are made by reflecting on the living bodies that went into the making. Her consistent utilization of classical statuary and figure drawing models has to do with the investigation into the act of making; she creates these works with an unabating inquiry into how images are constructed, and how gender is constructed from and alongside these images. It becomes difficult to tell which way likeness is captured, much in the same way it’s not possible to pinpoint an original; is it the bodies mirroring the sculptures, or the sculptures being modeled after the posed women? Of course, the answer is both, and as a queer artist this ambiguity is fundamental. We move away from essentialism, from purity of identity, and realize we have all been spliced together with flesh, sculpture, images from film, from what we see in public space.”

Visit Luciana Pinchiero’s website here. Congratulations, Luciana!