MFA Alum Carolina Muñoz Awad’s Thesis Published

MFA Alum Carolina Muñoz Awad’s thesis, “Un medio, el cuerpo. Un miedo, el cuerpo,” was published in September in Arts & Communication: A New Dimension of Art!

From Carolina Muñoz Awad’s Abstract for “Un medio, el cuerpo. Un miedo, el cuerpo,” : “I needed to feel held. Physically, by the inanimate, during a pandemic that was transmitted by touch. Doing nothing, while performing, became the subject of my studies. How do I perform with a body that does not know how it uses space, how much it measures, and how much it feels? Counting, keeping scores, and pushing to the limit of uncomfortability, became my way of establishing the timelines. Seventeen lemons, my own body weight, and 42 cm, are some of the objective parameters I found while enacting absurdity, improvisation, and movement through my human body. The resourcing of the works is part of the pieces themselves, leaving a trace of actions involved, blurring the boundary between daily life and the art I was creating. Yvonne Rainer, Herman Hertzberger, Gilles Deleuze, Rosalind Krauss, and Ernesto Pujol, among others, enter the conversation within my experimentations, as critical references, and guiding thoughts for the questions I have. The performative actions I produced are part of an embodied investigation that, through myself, encounters displacement, estrangement, irreversible loss, and grief, within a 2-year time frame.”

Download “Un medio, el cuerpo. Un miedo, el cuerpo” here and visit Carolina’s website here! Congratulations, Carolina!